What to expect on an inspection

The purchase of a home is the single largest financial investment you will make today. It is important that buyers know as much as possible about their future home. The best way to do that is to protect that investment with a professional home inspection.Buying a home can be a monumental experience and the presence of an experienced home inspector can be very beneficial. As a professional home inspector, I undoubtedly understand that buying/selling a home is an important commitment and can often be harder than we hoped.

However, all major systems are reviewed during our home inspection and we at First Choice Inspection Service, not only welcome, but encourage the attendance of the buyer during the home inspection, in an attempt to provide you with a general knowledge of the home. We will explain how systems and components operate and what recommended regular maintenance should be performed on these systems or components, thereby alleviating some of the concerns you might have.  We will locate and explain the safety features in homes, such as GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), AFCI (Arc-fault Circuit interrupters), smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and TPR (Temperature Pressure Relief) valves on water heaters, along with anything else that you may have questions about. We can also show you the location of the main water and gas shut offs, the electrical disconnects, etc.

Some of the areas that we inspect


1.     The Exterior Structure, foundation, walls, roof /attic and exterior wall covering.

2.     The Plumbing; every sink, faucet, drain, toilet, tub/shower.

3.     The Electrical; every plug, switch, and light fixture. ( within accessibility)

4.     Porches and decks   

5.     Windows, doors locks and weather stripping

6.    The Heating and Air Conditioner, for function and test for the temperature at each register.

7.     Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors, checking for correct installation and working.

8.     Walkways, driveways and retaining walls

9.     Vegetation as it effects the structures

10.   Built in appliances and much much more